SOCOTEC launches Building Assessment services in the Middle East

Mon 03/11/2024 - 03:59

SOCOTEC Middle East is expanding its range of services for the region's construction and property industries. Its building assessment specialists have all the expertise and tools needed to guarantee the structural reliability of a building, whether existing or under construction.

As a specialist in the built environment for over 70 years, the SOCOTEC group's core business is the safety and soundness of buildings. The array of expertise at our disposal enables us to offer our customers support that goes beyond standard and regulatory controls. Accordingly, SOCOTEC Middle East is offering its clients a new range of building assessment services. It is aimed at players in the construction and real estate sectors throughout the region (KSA, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, etc.). Our experts will work alongside them to offer building occupants the best possible safety conditions.

Accurately assess the state of health of an existing building

SOCOTEC Middle East's team includes concrete specialists and structural engineers, who are backed up by the wealth of experience of the group's leading experts around the world. Faced with any type of building, they are therefore able to make the most accurate diagnoses to assess the condition of an existing structure.

The structural assessment aims to ascertain the existing structure's ability to withstand present and future loads, while also assessing its performance in terms of safety, durability, maintainability, and appearance throughout its lifespan.

Our teams have access to the very best test equipment and software, to determine any structural disorders that may be present in a building. Adapting to the specific characteristics of the building, they will carry out a battery of tests and simulations such as:  Concrete Coring and Laboratory Testing, Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing or Service Life Prediction by Computer Models. They have a long list of tools at their disposal, giving you a precise picture of the state of health of your building, so that you can anticipate problems and take preventive action if necessary.


Validating the solidity of a structure under construction

In the context of a construction project, the assessment methodology allows us to go even further than the technical inspection to validate the solidity and quality of the structure of the future building. Using a wide range of techniques and feedback, our consultants will analyse and interpret the project plans, then visit the site to carry out tests to confirm the correct implementation of the construction processes and the soundness of the finished components.

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