Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in both our purpose and business ethos as we actively contribute to fostering a safer and more sustainable world. As an impartial and reliable third party, we align ourselves with solutions through our expertise, professional standards, and ethical conduct.

Confronted with the intricate challenges affecting our societies, coupled with the rapid changes brought about by climate change, urbanization, demographic shifts, mobility challenges, and digital transformation, we have strategically chosen to focus on three key areas integral to our development.

Growing Together


Our Social Commitment

We position ourselves as a learning organization, dedicated to cultivating the potential of our teams and sharing knowledge and expertise in the realms of Testing, Inspection, and Certification.

Our commitment


Promoting Social Inclusion

Our commitment extends to being an inclusive company, firmly believing in our ability to promote employment opportunities for young people and those distanced from the job market. Additionally, we aim to encourage training in technical professions for all.