SOCOTEC Middle East offers all its clients in the region all the group's expertise and supports their projects throughout their lifecycle, in order to optimise their performance.

Build a safer world

Faced with the challenges of the city of tomorrow, infrastructures and the industry of the future, SOCOTEC Middle East embodies the SOCOTEC’s group mission. Our experts are committed to build a safer world for all by ensuring project integrity, managing risks and optimising client performance. They provide risk management and technical consultancy services, supporting their clients in the construction, real estate, infrastructure, and industry sectors.

Throughout the lifecycle of the assets, we ensure compliance, extend their lifespan, improve their environmental performance, and guarantee personal safety. As an independent, trusted third party, we analyse our customers' challenges so that we can provide a solution in every area.

SOCOTEC in the Middle East


An expertise in construction and infrastructure

SOCOTEC has been working on construction and infrastructure projects in the Middle East since the 1960s. Initially provided by experts from France, the Group gradually established itself in the region, with a first strong presence in Saudi Arabia followed by establishing branches and offices in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates and operating as well in the other countries of the Middle East such as Qatar, Jordan, Bahrein, Egypt and Iraq.

Our experts


Local and international standards and regulations

Its local teams, backed by all the SOCOTEC Group's experts around the world, now support more than 2,500 clients in the region from a wide range of business sectors. They have 8 external accreditations, enabling them to offer the best inspection and support services in line with all local and international standards and regulations.

SOCOTEC Middle East top management

SOCOTEC Middle East's top management is made up of experts in our various activities, who lead all our teams in order to offer our clients the most appropriate solutions to meet their challenges.

Governance members

  • Executive Team
  • Roland MARIE

    Regional Manager for the Middle East

  • Tommy BARAN

    Sales manager for UAE

  • Ghousson ALLAKOUD

    Technical Manager for UAE

  • Nizar LAZREG

    IDI Manager for KSA

  • Craig MURPHY

    HSE Manager for UAE

  • John OP DE BEEK

    Development Manager for KSA

  • Henri Haissam OSMAN

    Technical Manager for Lebanon and KSA

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