Founded in 2004, Bank Albilad has rapidly become a major financial player in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Bank is organised into four business areas, with services and products for individuals, others for businesses, treasury services in conjunction with other financial institutions and, finally, investment and brokerage solutions.

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IDI Manager for KSA

IDI Manager for KSA

Project details

The bank has a nationwide presence. It recently launched a project to set up a new headquarters in the eastern part of the country. The new office building will be located in the city of Khobar, close to the metropolis of Dammam. With a total surface area of around 23 000 m², it will have 10 floors above ground level, a roof terrace, as well as 4 basement floors containing parking spaces and a technical area.


Details of the tasks entrusted

In order to cover the risks of its project, The Contractor Moenes Mohamed AL-SHAYEB for Civil Works “MOBCO” subscribed to a Inherent Defect Insurance. This contract serves to safeguard property owners and developers against structural issues that may surface post-construction.

To ensure that these potential defects were addressed correctly, a comprehensive examination was required at each project stage. SOCOTEC Middle East was enlisted to provide its specialized knowledge in construction for the purpose of adhering to these criteria. This encompassed overseeing the design and construction, which included:

  • Scrutinizing the design, offering feedback on the drawings and calculations, and closely monitoring progress until all modifications ensured compliance with the specified requirements.
  • Conducting on-site inspections during the construction process, with a total of 35 planned visits scheduled over the course of 24 months of works.

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